October 7 - Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

“The prayer of the rosary is, in many ways, the synthesis of the history of God’s mercy, which becomes a history of salvation for all who let themselves be shaped by grace... Praying the Rosary does not remove us from the problems of life. On the contrary, it demands that we immerse ourselves in the history of each day, so as to grasp the signs of Christ’s presence in our midst. Whenever we contemplate an event, a mystery of the life of Christ, we are asked to reflect on how God comes into our own lives, so as to be able to welcome him and follow him.”

— Pope Francis

Salt and Light Presents the Rosary

Salt and Light TV presents an all-new Rosary series, featuring various communities from around the city. They meditate on the mysteries of one of the most beautiful prayers of the Catholic tradition. Immerse yourself in Scripture from the Old and the New Testaments as you reflect on the events of Jesus’ life.