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Halifax-Yarmouth 2023 Annual Retreat

                                      2021 Retreat Memories

The Coronavirus gave us a break and the Halifax-Yarmouth Diocesan Council was able to hold its annual retreat at St. Clement Church (Divine Mercy Parish), Dartmouth, NS. on November 20, 2021.  Over 80 members took advantage of the more relaxed pandemice restrictions to gather for a day of spiritual reflection centred on the National Theme,  Care for Our Common Home.  
                             Our retreat director was Archbishop Brian Dunn

2017 Retreat Memories

Saturday, November 25, 2017

 94 Halifax-Yarmouth Diocesan Catholic Women's League members gathered at St. Vincent de Paul, Dartmouth for the 30th anniversary of their retreat - Inspired by the spirit - Women respond to God's call -facilitated by Sister Pat Wilson. 30 years ago Maureen Hilchey started the retreat and Geri Owens did registration .  The first year 12 members attended the retreat.

2016 Retreat Memories:

ONE: Heart Voice Mission

Mercy and Reconciliation

Halifax-Yarmouth Diocesan CWL

Halifax-Yarmouth 2015 Annual Diocesan Retreat Memories

November 21, 2015


153 members gathered in St. Clement Parish Hall, Dartmouth for  a spiritual journey of discovery with Fr. Francesco. It truly was a wonderful day filled with good faith, fellowship, fun and food. 






Father Francesco, Retreat Leader

Our sincere appreciation to Father Francesco for making this faith filled day possible.

Theresa Richard,Caterer & CWL member

A huge measure of thanks to Theresa Richard and her team for their wonderful service and food.

A busy registration table - again a huge thank you to Geri Owen for her ongoing support to the organization of the Retreat. She is seen here with our other faithful helper with registration, Anita Ward.

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