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Alice Egan Hagen Bursary



Because of the influx of immigrants coming into Halifax, Rev. Abbe Cosgrain, Port Chaplain at Quebec requested of the Archbishop of Halifax, His Excellency, The Most Rev. E.J. McCarthy, that Catholic women in Halifax be permitted and encouraged to organize a subdivision of the Catholic Women's League of Canada. His Excellency gave permission and Mrs. J.C. Hagen{Alice Egan} accepted the task.  On November 25,  1919, at Mrs. Hagen's home, the Halifax Subdivision came into being. In June 1920, the National Council of the Catholic Women's League was formed with 7 sub-divisions. The subdivisions were Halifax, Sherbrooke, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Regina, and Edmonton. On Thursday March 14 1922, at the home of Mrs. Hagen, the first meeting of the Halifax Diocesan CWL Council was held with representation from the sub-divisions of Yarmouth and Windsor in attendance. Mrs. Hagen was the first President and held the office for 2 years. ln 1982 The Halifax Diocesan Council of the Catholic Women's League of Canada established an annual $500.00 Bursary to honour their first President and distinguished Mt. St. Vincent alumna. The purpose of this award is to provide an opportunity for a CWL member to upgrade her education.


For a more complete account of the life of Alice Egan Hagen written by Life Member and Past Provincial President, Mary MacDonald, please click on this document file 

Alice Egan Hagen Bursary Criteria

Criteria for selection will include the following:

  • Nova Scotia residency for at least one year

  • Involvement in church

  • Involvement in community

  • Intent to upgrade education

  • Need (e.g., financial) 


Application forms are held by the Halifax-Yarmouth Diocesan Education Chair and may be sent out to interested persons on request.


All applications must be received on or before March 31 and the successful candidate will be notified by April 15.'


All applications are reviewed by the Diocesan Education Committee consisting of at least three from the following: President, Past President, Spiritual Advisor, Treasurer, and Education Chair.


This bursary will be paid directly to the receiving institution of the successful candidate. The recipient is to notify the treasurer with invoice and student number.


This bursary will be awarded at the Annual Halifax-Yarmouth Diocesan Convention Banquet.

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