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Life membership is a League honour that gives a permanent place on the national council, the same voting privileges as accredited delegates at an annual meeting or convention, a voice in its affairs and eligibility for a national appointment. A life member receives notice of meetings and, at her request, a copy of the minutes and of all relevant mailings from the National Office. Life members in a diocese only attend parish and diocesan executive meetings if they are members of that executive by appointment or election. They have accredited delegate voting privileges at diocesan and provincial conventions in the province in which they hold membership.  Life membership is not a reward for years of service or a retirement gift. The privilege brings responsibility. The League needs the support, mentorship and service from its life members.

                                                                                                           Adapted from: National Manual of Policy and Procedure


Halifax-Yarmouth Honorary and Life Members

Honorary Life Member

Danielle McNeil-Hessian

Life Members


Joline Belliveau

Shirley Campbell

Glenda Carson

Pat Crossman

Joan Cunningham

Elizabeth Doyle

Theresa Duann

Connie Lai Fatt

Anna Hawkins

Mary MacDonald

Ann McGray

Ann Myers

Marie O'Malley

Pat  O'Toole

Janice Peddle

Mary Sweeney




Please refer to the Halifax-Yarmouth Diocesan President or Life Member Directory for contact information for our Honorary Life and Life Members

Deceased Honorary Life Members
Marguerite Burns 
Sheila Pellerine
Deceased Life Members
Ann Bradbury
Joan Covey
Audrey Devanney
Anne C. Fraser
Sharon Harland
Marian Hepditch Littlepage
Nora Kelly
Margaret MacDonald
Iola MacEachern
Florence MacGillivray
Mary MacLeod
Ellen McKinley
Ruth Menear
Rita-May Munro
Marguerite Peters
Nellie Rooney
Aileen Twohig
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