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Euthanasia Deception - Video from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

“A thought-provoking, emotionally-gripping film that will impact hearts and minds. It effectively dismantles the fallacies of euthanasia proponents’ appeals to compassion and autonomy.”

-Richard Weikart, Professor of History, California State University

This is a 1 Hr. Documentary and Educational Outreach Initiative from Euthanasia Prevention Coalition in association with DunnMedia & Entertainment

It describes what has gone terribly wrong with Belgium’s 15 year experiment with euthanasia and is presented as a dire warning for the rest of the world. The Euthanasia Deception is a one-hour documentary featuring powerful testimonies from Belgium and beyond - of those devastated by the false ideology of ‘mercy killing’.

The film sets out to expose three main deceptions of doctor assisted dying: First, that euthanasia and assisted suicide are a form of compassion. The second is the myth of autonomy: that decisions made between doctor and patient operate in a vacuum. And finally, that government ‘safeguards’ can truly protect the vulnerable.

Testimonies include: Prof. Tom Mortier, whose depressed mother was euthanized without his knowledge; Hendrick, whose granddad’s death was ‘hastened’ without request - years before his time; “James”, who regrets family pressure to euthanize his mother; Lionel, who is routinely asked by Belgian strangers why he will not euthanize his severely disabled daughter; Mark, an MS survivor, grateful there was no law allowing him to kill himself when he was diagnosed; and Kristina, a nurse who shares her remorseful experience with assisted death.

With expert analysis from both medical and legal professions, the film reveals the serious, long-term implications of assisted dying laws, and proves that all of us become vulnerable when end-of-life care is handed over to lawmakers.

The release of The Euthanasia Deception marks the launch of a new, global resistance movement which utilizes the power of film and social media to combat misinformation being presented by mainstream media. The movement resists the acceptance of euthanasia while providing jurisdictions with data to resist its legalization. It is also dedicated to providing support and assistance to through Compassionate Community Care services - to help people who need advice concerning medical treatment issues or need protection from euthanasia and assisted suicide.

The film is produced by the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition in association with Dunn Media and supported by thousands of like-minded organizations and individuals throughout the world. We are asked to consider supporting these initiatives by purchasing a DVD and arranging a screening in your area.

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