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On Being Human in the midst of a Pandemic

The current pandemic caused by the virus, COVID-19, brings much pain and suffering to human beings. It cuts at the very heart of how we are wired to be - social beings in need of affirmation and love. We crave independence and respect for our individual lives. The havoc created by the virus imposes isolation, loss of loved ones and constraints on our social freedom. It challenges our common understanding of how we need to connect spiritually. It creates suffering and grief. Amid the uncertainty and imposed change, God is our only constant. Yet we often wallow in our understanding of where God is in our lives. The following two posts offer opportunity to reflect on the presence of God during human suffering.

Suffering - a homily by Rev. Patrick O'Neill

Fr. Patrick is the pastor for Our Lady of Fatima, Sydney River and the Spiritual Advisor for the Nova Scotia Provincial CWL Council. He is also a military chaplain and the producer for Mass for Shut-ins.

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